Kamis, 25 November 2010

Apple vs. Microsoft: Microsoft As Apple Slide's Largest IT Company

Microsoft's dominance as the most valuable technology company in the world has ended. Apple managed to menumbangkannya and now holds the title as the biggest tech giant.
At the close of stock trading on Wall Street yesterday, Apple's enterprise value reached U.S. $ 223 billion, while Microsoft's U.S. $ 219 billion. This is the first time that Apple managed to surpass Microsoft. Such information is quoted from the Wall Street Journal on Thursday (27/05/2010).
It's just in terms of revenue, Apple is still under Microsoft, by comparison to U.S. $ 42.9 billion for Apple and Microsoft gets U.S. $ 58.4 billion. While in the last fiscal year, Apple's net income of U.S. $ 5.7 billion, while Microsoft's U.S. $ 14.6 billion.
This event is like a symbol that shows differences in the direction of the two big companies to be able to lead. With the iPhone and iPod, Apple showed growth has skyrocketed. In the second quarter of 2010, profits increased 49 percent from last year.
While Microsoft is known as the software giant has dominated the realm of computers for nearly two decades. But then, consumers were enchanted by the Apple handheld device. Although Apple has tried to compete with menyebur into the arena of mobile devices and tablet computers, Microsoft products are in fact still overshadowed.

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