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Webcam Technology

Webcams (short for web cameras) is the designation for real-time camera (meaning the state at this very moment) in which the pictures can be accessed or viewed via the World Wide Web, instant messaging program, or a video call applications. The term "webcam" also refers to the type of camera used for the purposes of ini.Webcam usually resolution of 352 × 288/640 × 480 pixels. But there is a quality to 1 Megapiksel.Sekarang almost all digital cameras and mobile phones can be used as a web camera (webcam). Many of the benefits of using a webcam which of them we can direct face-to face we speak in different computers, and we also know bissa our speaker activity on the computer at that moment. PC video camera or Web camera functions like video recording device (camcorder) which is connected to your PC. Camera was merakam video and images you and allow you to speak in the video or merakam and edit video clips via e-mail application and Web.Di addition, you can also see where a web service that uses video applications such as CU-SeeMe, where you allowed to speak and see the faces of the other users in the use of this web cam application services.
With this web camera, you can create its own digital video clips and meet with users around the dunia.Sebenarnya, web cam function is more similar to the message immediately or face to face directly. You only need to add digital video into Internet connections are available to see your friends in other locations. That's why the Internet connection is required for meetings with video meetings Web.Webcam usually with two kinds of PCI or USB devices. PCI is a standard tool that is widely used to connect the equipment and the additional card to the computer system. USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a popular tool that complements almost any new computer system (similar to the type of desktop or notebook). The model of your choice also depends on computer systems that support USB devices. When the model by using a PCI video camera may be more difficult to install, karana involve installation of a video recorder card (video capture card) or capture video. However, the tool offers more speed when face to face with a camera USB.Secara generally, the price of video cameras and the type of PCI card recorder is more expensive, but if you want a clearer picture quality, then you need a camera type of PCI. USB type also has its own advantages such as easy to use. Connecting and installing cameras of this type just as easy as plugging the cord.Positive Impact of Web CamAdvantages and usefulness of Web Cam very important function for entrepreneurs. With interactive Web Cam with a businessman who has a multinational company can conduct a meeting in the various branches of his company in many countries, he can control the development of his company to continue to monitor and interact directly with the head branchUses Web Cam not only for business purposes but can also be used for security cameras used in the homes, apartments, companies, etc..Interactive with our friends of different cities and even countries to give up longing, face to face with the brothers and their parents and speak as if technology is making the world a little.
Negative Impact
Negative impacts that may arise from the use of Web Cam like the case of an American boy named Justin Berry, this case tells the story of a child who is very fond with web cam chat she often meet with various people, one day a phedophilia samapai asks him to took off her clothes in front of the camera with the lure gets $ 50, then he does not realize that it is sexual harassment.It can be concluded that the dangers posed computer that has Internet network berfasilitaskan web cam is the range used by the children to do activities that should not have, porn sites, web Girls are particularly vulnerable opened by children without parental supervisionTo make students lazy to learn because fall asleep with a web cam service, lack of socialization with friends are highly vulnerable to future childrenNumber of fraud committed by the Web protistusi Girls, like asking to meet and make an appointment to meet and do things that are not obscene, but usually he requested a transfer fee in advance with the target via a web cam to woo, to perform various seductive poses in front of a camera trap men to want to do apaun to meet and date with Web Girls.
A simple web camera consists of a standard lens, mounted on a circuit board to capture the image signal; casing (cover), including the chassis front and side casings to cover the standard lens and has a hole in the casing front lens that allows you to insert images; support cables, made of flexible material, one end connected to the circuit board and another end has a connector, this cable is controlled to adjust the height, direction and angle of view of a web camera. A web camera is usually equipped with the software, this software takes the images from digital cameras continuously or in a certain time interval and broadcast it via an internet connection. There are several methods of broadcasting, the most common method is a software to convert images into a JPEG file and uploading to web server using File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
Frame rate indicates the number of images of a software to capture and transfer in one second. For streaming video, it takes a minimum of 15 frames per second (fps) or ideally 30 fps. To obtain a high frame rate, it takes a high-speed Internet connection. A web camera is not necessarily connected to the computer, there are web cameras that have the webcam software and bulit-in web server, so all you need is an internet connection. Web cameras like this are called "network cameras". We can also avoid the use of wires using radio link, an Ethernet connection or WiFi.

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